About Me

About Suzanna Theresia

Hi, I am Suzanna Theresia but it is easier to just call me Sue. As of today, I am an Internet Marketer and a Product Creator. But I wasn’t all these up until 2009, when I decided to quit my secure corporate job for my dream: helping people. I paid a visit to my early interest in Internet Marketing, trying to make it somehow work hand in hand; Internet Marketing that helps.

“ I believe that you should find what you are meant to do in life and go after it with everything you have. Dream, Believe and Make It Happen! ”

I started out very humbly, knowing nothing and collecting knowledge as I went and. From there on, I found out that my true passion was and always is in innovative product developing, and I have been doing it full time since 2011. The good news was, I managed to connect two things that I love most which are helping people and Internet Marketing with my company: Ephraim Mettabel. In Greek, the name means Fruitful in God’s Favor, roughly translated, and God’s favor indeed has allowed me to do all things that made me today.

I launched Smart Graphic Designer as the first product. It eases the Internet Marketers in dealing with graphic design and helps them producing a beautifully designed and professional graphics in minutes . The next stop I made was Insta series, with Instabuilder as the main product. It helps people that often struggle with collecting plugins from many different sources that cost them a lot to be more efficient in having it all in one and savvy as well.

I am a native Indonesian but I have lived in Singapore for this past 10 years doing what I am passionate about. I am a bit of a workaholic but when I stop, I read, sing, and listen to gospel music a lot. My ways of workout often involve badminton and swimming, also mind and soul workout by doing traveling.

I believe that you should find what you are meant to do in life and go after it with everything you have. God placed us on earth with a purpose, and it is our job to find and work on it wholeheartedly. As for me, I have found a passion that facilitates me helping others and that’s all because of the grace of God alone. I am lucky to have a supportive family, friends, and co-workers until today.

If you have reached this far in this website, I want to thank you for the time you spent here. It is nice to know that there are people who care. If you would have me, I’d love to know you more. Please check out my personal blog and do contact me through it. Always begin with a dream and don’t be afraid to start walking, and soon enough you will fly to where you’re supposed to be with Mettabel, God’s favor.

Many Blessings of Success! Suzanna Thresia